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Berfan Engineering
Industrial Fan and Filter Solution
High quaility and economical solution for your needs
Long Life
Berfan products are have a
long time working
Saving Energy
Berfan Fans have a high Efficiency
Up to % 86 Fans Efficiency
Low Cost
Berfan products are more economical
than their competitors
Berfan Industrial Fans

Berfan products, standard and specifically chosen components not only maximize the efficiency of products but also increase the quality of products with low prices. Availability of various spare parts for all industrial areas also provides significant privileges for our Customer. Special manufactured rigid  steel  rotors offer the long life operation time and  reliability of equipments. A Centrifugal Fan is a mechanical device for handling air of all types. It has an impeller composed of a number of blades. The impeller is fixed to a shaft through hub. The shaft is mounted on two bearing on pedestal and driven by a pulley and belt. The impeller can be directly mounted on a motor shaft in case the blower is to limited size where bearings, pulley and belt are eliminated. The impeller creates the centrifugal force which draws the air through inlet and discharged through the outlet. Dampers are used to control air flow. We design & manufacture fans exactly matching its purpose. Moreover, we are counted amongst the prominent Centrifugal Fans Manufacturers in Turkey.

Direct Drive
Efficiency : 80% 86
Flow : 5.000 - 50.000 m³/h
Pressure : 40 - 2.000 mmSS
Belt Drive
Efficiency : 80% 86
Flow : 5.000 - 250.000 m³/h
Pressure : 40 - 3.000 mmSS
Couplin Drive
Efficiency : 80% 86
Flow  : 1.000 - 1.000.000 m³/h
Pressure : 40 - 3.000 mmSS
Axial Fans
For Clean air or Cooler Axial Fans
Belt Drive Axial Fans
Hot and Acidic Environments
Axial Fan impeller
Impellers up to 2m Dia, Aluminum or Glas Fiber
Roof Fans
For Fabricate to Clean air
Bag Filter
Industrial Bag Filter , Jet Pulse Filter
Cyclone Filter
Industrial Cyclone Filter, Dust Collectors
Contacts Info
Tel : (+90) 312 395 85 51
Faks : (+90) 312 395 85 38
İvedik OSB Arı San. Sit.
1476 Sok. No: 131Ankara / Turkey
SAT-SUN closed
Ivedik OSB Arı Sanayi Sitesi
1476 Sokak No: 131 Ankara / Turkey
(+90) 312 395 85 51
SUN closed
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